What can I expect?


Everyone is different. Everyone has been on their own unique journey through life and though we may often have problems that present themselves in similar ways the causes can be different. So the approach is both unique and personal for each person. From the clients perspective the process is very simple; you need to be honest with yourself and your therapist and as far as you are able. Typically a first session of two to three hours will be conducted, the purpose of which is to uncover more about how you do your particular problem.


This session will explore your past and present situations. From this a plan as to what is required from your ongoing coaching or therapeutic sessions is formed. This may include NLP interventions as required or determined by us both.


This is a process of understanding the present in the context of past so that unwanted patterns or behaviours can be let go or changed. Although certain specific problems such as smoking or phobias can be handled in a few hours, as a general guide from start to finish you should expect therapy to last for six to nine hours in total.



Next Steps


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