Whether your phobia is in respect of animals, birds, insect's etc... or whether it's fear of heights or flying... or whether it is claustrophobia or dentists… whatever your phobia - if you are sick and tired of it and want it to disappear (even if you can't see how this can be possible)… Roy can help you to achieve your wish.

However severe your phobia is, however long you have had your phobia. One session of around two hours is usually all that is required. Furthermore you do not have to confront whatever it is you are phobic about and clients say the procedures are comfortable. After your phobia has gone you will be at ease doing whatever it is you used not to be able to do.

Roy will use NLP and Time Line Therapy techniques during your consultation, there is normally no need for hypnosis and never any need for you to actually confront whatever it is that you have a phobia for.


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