Who is Roy Cooper?


Roy Cooper is a well respected Business Consultant, Managing Director and a certified NLP Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Time Line Therapist and NLP Coach.


Roy has been providing consulting and coaching services to business' for many years now and has worked with leaders in organisations such as EDS, HP, Bupa, Welsh Assembly Government, Q4 and Vodafone as well as those within Small or Medium business' on their strategy definition and execution as well as personal goals and career enhancement.


Roy is able to apply a relatively small amount of his time to work with a limited number of personal clients. He combines his experiences in business coaching and consultancy with NLP therapies, tools and interventions to offer a unique life coaching and therapeutic service that can
support your personal life coaching requirements and therapeutic needs.


Roy co-founded a children's charity and actively supports the needs of children in India, Africa and the UK through fund raising and the provision of direct support on the ground. Roy is also a keen adventure traveller and enjoys travelling to and immersing himself in the diversity of world cultures.


NLP Therapy works well specifically with things like confidence building, weight loss, smoking, stress reduction, fears and phobias, presenting, anger issues, relationship issues and depression.


Roy is also a respected Business Consultant. Click here to visit www.consultrpcm.com for consulting and coaching services to business.